Active Air Purification

Providing Continuous Air Purification Through
Active Radiant Catalysis®

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Active air purification re-creates processes found outdoors to reduce odors caused by bacteria, mold, and more. Traditional filters, such as HEPA or germicidal UV, require air pass through them to be cleaned, and may not effectively trap smaller bacteria and viruses.

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Our Technologies

Active Radiant Catalysis (ARC®)
Our proprietary PCO technology uses energy to activate a catalyst, turning moisture into products that continuously clean your space.
Activated Oxygen
Activated oxygen attaches itself to contaminants at the molecular level, destroying them. This process eliminates the contaminant while reverting the activated oxygen back into oxygen.
Creating a plasma of electrical charges, ionization removes allergens like dust, pet dander, dust mite matter, and other irritating particulates from the breathing space, pushing them away or causing them to clump together and fall to the floor.

pureAir HVAC

Using existing ductwork, we can custom engineer purification solutions for spaces of all shapes and sizes. Our products are low maintenance, consume minimal energy, and are cost effective relative to other available purification technologies.

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Everyone will cheer for active air purification, providing an extra layer of protection for your fans.
Welcome guests with continually freshened spaces from rooms, to lobbies, to dining areas and more.
School and Office
Get back to work with an air of confidence. Custom systems for classrooms and office spaces.

pureAir Omni

For commercial kitchens, ARC®, activated oxygen, and ionization prolong food shelf life and reduce odors.

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pureAir 750

The power of ARC®, mounted to the wall. Ideal for spaces without existing ductwork, distributes purification evenly.

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pureAir PTAC

Any PTAC unit can become a purification tool. Installed inside the unit, ARC® continuously cleans the air.

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